Ketron GP1


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KEYBOARD 88 keys weighted.
POLYPHONY 128 notes.
VOICE 32 Preset (Voice A): Classic Grand (NSR *), Pop Piano, Rock Piano, Real Mark, El.Piano 1, El.Piano 2, Fm Piano 1, Clavi,Wurli, Vintage, Strings 1, Atmosphere, Warmpad, Rock Org, Jazz Org, Church.(Voice B): Bright Grand (NSR *), Grand&Strings, Piano&Pad, Suitcase,Tine,Stage, Fm Piano 2, Honky, Jazz&Grand, Finger&Mark, Strings 2, Vocals, Softpad, Rotary, Leakage, Positive .
*NSR = Natural String Resonance.
MIDI In , Out, Thru.
PLAY MODE Dual,Left,Split, Demo.
DYNAMIC Normal, Soft, Medium, Hard.
EFX EFFECTS 16 way selector DSP Insert Effect :Eq Boost, Loudness, Chorus 1, Chorus 2, Phaser 1, Phaser 2, Flanger 1, Flanger 2, Tremolo 1, Tremolo 2, Delay 1,Delay 2, Echopan 1, Echopan 2, Overdrive, Off, Mode On/Off.
TRANSPOSER + / – 24 semitones,Fine Tuning.
CONTROLS Master Volume, Dual /Left Volume, Reverb, Brilliance, Efx Value.
USB Midi , Usb Update Transfer.
OUTPUTS Left,Right, Sustain Pedal, Volume Pedal.
HEADPHONE Stereo Headphone.
DIMENSIONS (W x D x H) 1250 x 308 x 115 mm.
POWER External DC 9 Volts, On/Off.
ACCESSORIES VFP 3 (3 Switch Pedal, Soft, Sostenuto, Sustain) FP 50 (Volume Pedal), Bag.


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Ketron GP1