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The SD7 is a truly ground- breaking Musical Instrument designed for both professional and home use. The all-new sound engine, audio drums, full multimedia capability, hardware arranger controls/ level sliders, full colour professional touch screen and on board monitor speakers mean you are ready to enjoy making incredible music now! Ketron have always inspired great musicians with realistic, true to life “Best Natural Sounds” and the most authentic live sounding styles available. Whether you are a performer, entertainer, studio or home user, you are sure to find the new SD7 the most inspiring keyboard to date. As with all Ketron Instruments the emphasis is on sound quality, purity and authenticity. It is important that when instrument types are mixed they still maintain their identities and with over 540 orchestral voices, 368 genuine Ketron layered sound edits plus 46 high quality RAM sounds provides a comprehensive and true to life sound pallet for almost any musical eventuality. Ketron continue to develop Audio Styles and the SD7 ships with 260 full audio drum/groove styles, plus you can create your own styles using the style modelling section and import/ convert and edit legacy styles from many previous Ketron Instruments. This means you have almost limitless possibilities for style enhancement and addition. The full colour touch screen is a completely new feature for our keyboard range. This was developed with great care to ensure full compatibility with live performance use. The instrument retains the all important tactile arranger buttons (Start/Stop, Intros/Endings, Variations, Fills etc.) as well as real time hardware level controls for quick adjustment of various volumes. The 7” backlit screen handles important information, instruments, style and media selection plus many various options in a clear concise manner. Different modes of play are displayed in such a way that you have access to vital features. These are presented using large, clear, well spaced icons that are easy to see and access without the concern of accidentally selecting the option next to it. To make control of the keyboard even easier many quick access hardware buttons are on the instruments panel which when selected take you directly to the correct screen or feature. We believe the SD7 is the most intuitive and easy to operate Ketron keyboard so far. If you are serious and passionate about making music, the SD7 is for you.

The KETRON SD7 keyboard is the product of a long, passionate development process and in-depth musical research. Finally, both worlds of a professional class arranger and performance keyboard have been merged like never before into one incredible machine.
Whether you want to play music with friends as a DJ, do karaoke style, simply play something creative and inspiring or write your own music – the SD7 will assist you in all scenarios with its comprehensive, innovative features and professional sound.
These include new sound generation, a huge sound library, revolutionary Style Modeling system of Styles and beats, Multimedia capability achieved with up to date technology all of which make the SD7 a powerful and indispensable tool for contemporary and modern
musical entertainment.

The SD7 has an innovative, intelligent and professional arranger section with 260 styles.
These cover musical genres and rhythms which are being requested in the modern live entertainment world.
These styles utilize an impressive library of more than 300 Latin Percussion Grooves and 200 Audio Drums. The Audio Drums are perfectly synchronized with the internal Midi clock, a wide tolerance range is possible even at high tempo changes (up to – / + 30% of the
original BPM). Each style has four variations A, B, C and D, plus 4 Fill Ins, 4 Breaks, 3 Intros, 3 Endings, ‘To End’ and other live control functions such as Re-intro, -Key Key Start Stop, Count In, Restart. In addition, 5 User buttons are provided which can be programmed for additional functions.
The accompaniment section is made up of an Audio Drum track, bass track, 5 tracks of chord sections which incorporate musical harmonies and can be varied, and 2 manual/Lower voices. 3 orchestral VARIATIONS are present which can easily be turned on or off to obtain either more simplified or complex arrangements, as well as variable guitar tones within guitar accompaniment tracks. 4 lead voices can automatically be assigned to the right (lead voice) and it is possible to match them to the four variations – ABCD of each style.
The operating system of this keyboard is very easy and intuitive, thanks to the new and large touch screen. It allows you, for an example, to quickly modify the voices, volumes and effects of each style & pattern within the Arranger section on the fly, and to then save the changes as a new USER STYLE. This helps create a custom style library which doesn’t affect the factory styles. With MY LIST, the user can further consolidate and store 64 favourite styles in one location – making it easy to instantly search for and use your best styles.
Much attention has been paid to orchestral harmonies especially wind instruments, which are now re-created with separate harmonic lines to obtain more realistic sounds within this section. The Unplugged group offers more styles with very basic arrangements which use just a Guitar or Piano voices with percussion, an ideal acoustic environment for improvisations or other musicians to play along with.



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