Makie Thrash 212 Powered Speaker


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Crank It Up and Rock Out
For those that want to plug in, crank it up, and get down to business, Thrash is the loudspeaker for you. With flexible inputs, lightweight and durable construction, and a wall-shaking 1300W of power, Thrash has what it takes to keep up with every gig, rehearsal, rowdy spelling bee, you name it.
1300W ultra-efficient Class-D amplifier
Built-Like-A-Tank™ to conquer every gig while lightweight for easy loading
High-performance drivers
Straightforward inputs and outputs
Pole mount it or use it as a floor monitor
Equipped with 4 handles for easy loading
The Power to Perform
If you are a band that is ready to gig or even upgrade your rehearsal space, Thrash is ready to make it happen.

The Sound of Rock
Thrash is voiced to make your voice and instruments cut through in loud basement shows, garage rehearsals, and dusty old venues.

No Fuss I/O
Want to plug in, crank it, and get playing? Thrash won’t get in your way. Dual XLR/TRS inputs plus a Mix Out are easy and versatile for connecting to your gear. You can even connect a microphone directly into either input when you just need simple vocal reinforcement.

Take the Heat
When things get hot, the automatic thermal limiting within Thrash will keep things in check so you can focus on your performance.


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Makie Thrash 212 Powered Speaker